Mongolia Drawings

In August 2019 I was invited to ride The Mongolia Bike Challenge, a tough multiday off road race across the Mongolian Steppe.
These are the drawings I did during my staying in Mongolia and they are for sale.

Printed on 290gr Hahnemuhle fine art – Authenticity Certificate – Signed and numbered – 22x22cm (the illustration is 14x14cm + 8cm of white paper)

Limited edition of 108 copies.

They are sold only in a set of 5 subjects and the cost for all of them is 158,00€ + shipping

For info and orders please send an email to and

This old Russian van is the racers safety line. It carries food for the refill station, and the medical and mechanical assistance.
The race staff moves around with these sturdy, smoky little vans and in the long and lonely days of cycling, whenever you see it, you know that you are not alone.
Prayer flags are on the top of high passes, they promote peace and compassion in the world. People who crosses the passes put a rock on the pile and makes a wish, hoping that the wind will bring it closer to the Gods.
I guess that who rides such intense and challenging race is asking for something as I did it.
I rode this desolate high mountain trails as a sort of dynamic, painful meditation, trying to see every day a little deeper inside of me.
Most of the night I slept in the Gers. They are pretty basic tents, but after a day of hard cycling through the wind or the rain, they looked so comfortable, a safe place where resting and recharging for the next day or race.
This is the finish line. I would say it is a pretty bad shape in the delicate, majestic Mongolian landscape, but when you see it you know that the pain is over.
When you pass behind it you can breathe a sigh of relief, pat yourself on the back and the saying, “good job, for today is done”